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بطاقة وصف وظيفي

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Medical secretary
Main Duties:
Performs a variety of secretarial duties to General manager and , physicians and other members of the Admin. Committee.

Duties include:

* Performing secretarial\clerical duties including medical reports and dictation;
* Preparing and processing correspondence;
* Responding to incoming telephone calls, screening calls, taking and relaying messages and providing information;
* Providing support services to medical staff;
* Scheduling appointments as requested;
* Ordering and maintaining patient records as requested;
* Ordering and restocking office and clinical supplies;
* Assisting in the care and maintenance of office equipment;
* Maintaining patient confidentiality; and,
* Performing other related duties within the clinic as may be assigned.

إرسال الطلبات على البريد التالي: job@alfaisalhospital.com


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